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  • The system requirements:
  • PHP >= 4.3.1
  • MySQL >= 4.0.16

The site sections

CNStats STD counter code is installed at the pages of this site. We offer you to view the statistics interface, basic reports and possibilities of CNStats STD online.

The site contents allows visitors to browse its pages, search robots can index the site and CNStats registers these activities and displays them in form of the statistics. We also hope that the given materials and articles will be interesting and useful to our visitors, and will help to understand CNStats conception more profoundly.

The main task of any business company is to get a profit. A web-site is one of tools for attraction of additional clients. The site visitors may perform various target actions, such as: ordering of goods or services, subscription to information, filling of a questionnare or a contact form. One should understand, where target visitors come from; what they do on the site; how effective the advertising and traffic from search systems is; how to optimize the site. The site statistics - CNStats - can answer these and many other questions.

Within the bounds of this emulative site target visitors are those who has filled in the contacts form. Our main task is to demonstrate you that CNStats is a decent and contemporary solution, necessary for successful development of your site.