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The site sections


  • The system requirements:
  • PHP >= 4.3.1
  • MySQL >= 4.0.16

CNStats characteristics

The article contains certain explanations to the given CNStats demo-version; there may be other solutuions and conciderations in your own variant.

Please, pay attention to characteristic features of this demonstration:

What is available in the demo?

There are all the reports available in the demo-version; as a rule, it`s quite enough for the system evaluation.

CNStats configuration, the reports settings, filters' and slices settings are disabled. In case you would like to get acquainted with the above-mentioned features, please, contact us and you will be granted the administrator's access.

Which code is istalled at the pages of the site?

The site is written in PHP. CNStats is installed at the catalogue /cnstats/of this site. The advanced counter code - combined- has been used upon CNStats installation.

A combined counter type functions in the following way: php-code is set into all pages of the site. This code is executed upon the pages loading and, as a result, it produces a special java-script code. Owing to this method, the system counts both robots and visitors of the site precisely.

The counter code, obtained from CNStats interface, is included into the template, which is executed at all the site pages (in this case it is bottom.php):
Configuration->Counter code->Basic code for statistics accumulation (mandatory).

A basic code looks as follows (example):

<?php include_once "/usr/.../ru-demo.cnstats.com/cnstats/cnt.php";?>

Upon viewing the pages source code in the browser, the result of the php-code - generated java-script - should be displayed instead.

The obtained java-script should look as follows (certain lines will be gathered to one):

<!-- CNStats start -->
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
document.write('<img src="http://ru-demo.cnstats.com/cnstats
'&t='+cnst+'" width="1" height="1" border="0">');
</script><!-- CNStats end -->

There is also "Code for counter display (optional)" inserted for illustration.

A code for counter display looks as follows (in one line):

<img src="http://ru-demo.cnstats.com/cnstats/cnt-show.php" 
width="88" height="31" border="0" />

Note, that a code for counter display is not required for counting; it is a graphic image of a counter in form of a little picture in the lower-right corner. You can set this code deliberately according to your taste or the company policy.

A special document 404.php is intended for considering the statistics of "not found" pages (error 404 - The page is not found), at which a special accumulation code is set. Thus, passing on to a non-existent page, a user will be transfered to the corresponding error page.

Enter any non-existent page view demonstration of the report "Popular pages 404".

The statistics code for 404 pages - "not found" - looks as follows:

include_once "/usr/.../ru-demo.cnstats.com/cnstats/cnt.php";